About the Inventory


In 2004, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the Civic Art Policy, which allocates one percent of County capital projects to civic art. The policy allows for integrated permanent public art enhancements, temporary art commissions, restoration of historic artworks and the creation of cultural spaces or activities. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission is responsible for the administration of the civic art policy and the management of the County’s civic art collection.

The Arts Commission is surveying approximately 900 County owned and leased properties to inventory known civic artworks and to identify artworks not previously cataloged. Currently the Arts Commission’s database has 352 cataloged objects.

The County’s civic art collection belongs to everyone. If you notice an artwork is damaged, lost or in need of care, please notify the Los Angeles Arts Commission Civic Art division at (213) 202-5858 or civicart@arts.lacounty.gov.